We are a husband and wife team who have come up with a unique device for securing Motorhome and Caravan windows.   The idea came about in 2012, whilst travelling around Europe for 6 months, we regularly heard about people being broken into via their habitation windows.   On our return we looked on the internet and through magazines but were unable to find anything to secure our windows, there were alarms, but we felt that by this stage the perpetrator would already have gained access to the vehicle, our valuables and personal belongings. My husband being an engineer, decided to make something for ourselves, we found that it worked really well and decided to go into production. We make the product ourselves in our workshop at home in Essex, using local companies for the processes we can not do ourselves, namely the laser cutting and powder coating. We have traded at Motorhome/ Caravan shows and have had very positive feedback.   We like to make people aware of the security we can offer for their vehicles and are developing new products to cover the less common catches as we learn from our customers.   At present we are producing devices for 11 different types of catches.   V3A Polyplastic/fix for Polyplastic windows, V3B for Polyplastic with a button and V5 for Polyplastic catches which are fitted higher on the window. Seitz for S4/S5 Dometic windows – Seitz with Ledge – and Seitz and Polyplastic Sliding windows. We have recently developed 3 new devices for the Dometic Seitz S7 windows, the S7i -S7B and the S8. Also we have the CSL1, 2 and 3 for the Canel glass cab door sliding windows.