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Poly Plastic/Vision


Our Lock M Out devices are made in the UK from mild steel and powder coated in black to match your catches.  Polyplastic only come in a right handed version and are fitted to Polyplastic windows (as printed on a sticker on the outside of the window) The high version is suitable for catches fitted to some windows with blinds which pull up from the bottom. If they have a 20mm spacer on the strike plate (the part fixed to the window frame) or a 20mm step in the frame itself, See photo with yellow background or watch video below.  The button version are for Polyplastic catches with a button, as seen in the photos on the bottom line of thumbnails. We recommend that you fit our security devices to all the bottom (horizontal) catches of your windows. The Standard device weighs 60g Button 62g and High 62g  Price 10.50 GBP each. Or 9.50 GBP each when ordering 4 or more.

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Polyplastic info video

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There are many types of catches on Motorhome and Caravan windows. By far the most common is the Polyplastic / Vision type. Lock M Out devices are made in the UK from mild steel and powder coated in black. The standard device weighs 60g  Button 62g and High 82g  They cost 10.50 GBP each. Or  9.50 GBP each when ordering 4 or more.

They are extremely easy to fit. Simply slide them over your existing catches.If you try to lift the catch into the open position, the device restricts the movement by jamming against the window frame, helping to prevent break-ins. see diagram. Or watch our Video.

Patent Pending No: GB1313611.4

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without prior notice

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Weight 60 g