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Seitz S7B


The Seitz S7B  ONLY  Fits this catch Please make sure your catch is exactly the same as the one pictured.

The foot of the catch MUST protrude outwards. The catch MUST have a button. The Top of the button to the bottom of the foot MUST measure 35mm.

Diameter of the button is 13.6mm

If your catch does not fulfil all of the above criteria. Please see our other products.

When fitting, please ensure the sticker on the device is facing towards the window for it to be correctly positioned on your catch.

We do not have a device to fit S7 catches without a button, or the catch shown in the bottom row of pictures with the red block of text.

Order 4 or more for 9.50 GBP each

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All our products are made from steel in the UK  They reinforce the vulnerable plastic catches fitted to your windows.

The Seitz windows also have the name Dometic  printed on them, normally in the top right hand corner.

They make many different catches, so please make sure you are ordering the correct ones.