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General Maintenance Guide for Your Motorhome/Caravan

Whether you are planning a last minute staycation or intending on storing your vehicle away for the remainder of winter, it’s important you follow this guide to keep your vehicle in good shape, as well as effectively decreasing the likelihood of accidents and expensive repairs such as blown tyres or brake and mechanical failure. 

If your caravan has been left idle for a protracted period it is important to  inspect your vehicle’s tyres. After a significant length of time, they can often sustain damage, to minimise this risk ensure you examine the tyres for any cracks or perishing. If there are any signs of damage the tyres must be changed promptly. If returning from a staycation it’s important to ensure your vehicle has been cleaned adequately before storage, consider using a specialist caravan cleaner and wax polish to maximise cleanliness, it may be worthwhile to  remove and wash all curtains and clean upholstery, whilst thoroughly cleaning the inside of your vehicle is a necessity. 

If you are using a caravan awning it’s vital to check for any defects such as holes or tears, and make sure they are repaired immediately. Before storing, make certain that the awning has been dried, continuous storing of a wet/damp awning can lead to mildew and staining. Another important maintenance tip is to check your vehicle’s handbrake system, storing a vehicle in cold weather/conditions can sometimes cause the mechanism to freeze, consequently they can sometimes seize, or become very stiff. If this occurs its advisable to grease the appliance by using a lubricant. 

orange and white class-a motorhome surrounded by snow

Preventing Mould. 

Mould is a type of fungi, which tends to grow in poorly ventilated areas. There are various types of mould which spread rapidly, and if left untreated can also have adverse effects on your health.  

To prevent mould it’s essential to keep all windows and skylights open throughout the day, and especially after cooking and showering, Keep hard surfaces clean, as well as consistently changing  air bedding and garments, particularly on longer trips. If you are planning on keeping your vehicle in longer term storage it’s important to consider the following steps; Eliminating sources of moisture, by opening taps, draining sinks, the toilet, the shower ect. Cleaning the fridge and leaving the door ajar, drying air out with a heater for several minutes, and a deep clean with mould spray recurrently is essential.  

Whilst all the above steps are a requisite for maintaining a clean and safe Caravan/Motorhome its imperative to ensure your van has a suitable level of protection, thieves or criminals can cause immense damage to your property, particularly when your vehicle is left unoccupied for weeks or months. Lock M Out Security devices can help you avoid this risk for an affordable price. 


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