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Keeping your Motorhome Safe.

Why is it important to keep your motorhome safe?

According to The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service Caravan Crimes within the UK have increased by 36% in recent years. Caravans and motorhomes parked on driveways, service stations, camping/caravan parks are all at risk, and particularly during summer months when ‘staycations’ are more popular. It’s important to remember that thefts can occur anywhere, and at any time, no one is certain to be safe unless they take sensible precautions. Criminals are often known to steal valuables and cause immense damage to property, therefore it’s vital to prioritise the security and safety of your vehicles. 

How do Criminals breach your motorhome?

Typically, Caravans and Motorhomes are not designed to guarantee safety and prevent break-ins, the windows on your vehicles are unquestionably the weakest point of entry, the catches on the windows themselves are made out of plastic, they are flimsy, weak, and vulnerable. Unfortunately, many perpetrators are privy to this, and they can easily exploit this vulnerability by simply sliding a device, such as a screwdriver or a wire, to effortlessly open the window from the outside, and subsequently gain access to your vehicle. Such methods are often favourable among perpetrators as they can enable a discrete and seamless approach to commit theft. 

How to protect your vehicle!

Lock M Out have designed unique products which are simple but effective devices designed to help prevent these incidents and discourage criminal activity. Our devices are manufactured in the UK, they are produced out of sturdy steel, and can help keep your vehicle safe. With an attempted break-in, which is demonstrated in the video below the device will jam against the window frame, preventing entry from the outside and deterring the perpetrator. The devices are easy to install, and can just simply slide over your existing window catches, without any tools, keys, or codes. 

Our products are available for Polyplastic and Dometic/Seitz windows in 9 variants plus sliding windows!

View our product range, and see the videos for more details. 

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