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Storing your Motorhome/Caravan in Winter

 If you are not intending on using your Motorhome/Caravan throughout the winter months your van must be stored orderly and responsibly, to ensure it’s safe and suitable for future use. The first step is to clean inside, removing any food that could attract vermin. If you have a fridge, keep the door propped ajar to prevent mould from forming. It’s wise to encourage air circulation throughout the motorhome by opening base locker doors where there are drop-out vents. It may be worthwhile to remove all soft furnishings, such as bed/seat cushions, this can eliminate the possibility of mould and damping complications. 

When storing your van for a prolonged period, you can also improve the tyre life, suspension and running gear if you take the weight off the wheels. This can be accomplished by supporting the axles with axle stands and removing the wheels and bolts for secure storage. Additionally store the wheels out of direct sunlight and in a location where contact with oils or greases can be averted, lastly cover with natural materials, as opposed to plastic.

vehicle covered by white in garrage

Indoor storage facilities can often be expensive and for many people are usually unviable, therefore taking extra measures to protect the external bodywork is a necessity to prevent a build-up of mould, algae, environmental damage or infestations from animals/insects such as spiders and mice. You can do this by placing a caravan cover over your vehicle, consider utilising one which is both breathable and waterproof, this is essential in keeping out rain and snow, whilst also avoiding any potential damage to paint or bodywork. 

Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle can make certain that it will continue to look polished and gleamy even after winter, cleaning and waxing your vehicle exterior will also prevent rain, frost and snow from impacting your vehicle significantly. Before cleaning, it’s useful to check the seals for any damage, to prevent any water or rain seepage. 

Importantly your vehicle must be secured and safe from potential thieves. Unfortunately between October and February, a substantial number of break-ins and thefts occur. Our security devices are effective in deterring and preventing thieves from breaching your vehicle by securing the window latches. You can view our products and other blogs for more information. 

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