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Caravanning in Europe 2022 Guide.

With the easing of travel restrictions, planning a vacation in Europe has become a far more appealing prospect, many EU travel agencies and tour operators are already beginning to announce record bookings and increased demand for the start of 2022. After a series of governmental changes post Brexit, some may regard planning a trip within the EU as a somewhat tedious task, this guide lists all the major changes and crucial tips to help assist you in planning a European trip.You can make the most of 2022 by exploring Europe through a variety of exclusive caravan and motorhome tours, you can traverse through an array of stunning destinations including France, Italy, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands, where you will be able to enjoy various city breaks, witness spectacular coastlines, explore the rich history, culture and cuisines as well as experiencing some of Europe’s most noteworthy musicals, plays and markets. You can look at booking some of the available tours here

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Before departing it’s vital to ensure you have a copy of your caravan insurance. Your existing insurance cover will still apply after Brexit, however it’s worth double checking with your provider. Post-Brexit it’s necessary to obtain a ‘green card’, which acts as proof of insurance for the vehicle you’re driving within the EU. If you’re towing a caravan or trailer, you’ll require two green cards, one for the towing vehicle and one for the caravan itself. If you are planning a trip to a Schengen area which exceeds 90 days within any 180-day period, you will require a visa; non-schengen EU countries (where this rule does not apply) includes Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. Also bear in mind that from September 2021 users must remove the now invalid GB sticker and replace it with the UK one, this has to be displayed on the rear of your tow car and caravan throughout your entire stay. The majority of European countries are safe to travel across, however break-ins and thefts are not uncommon, in some instances they occur more frequently than in the UK, particularly in built up tourist areas where thieves tend to feature more prominently. Accordingly you may wish to enhance or upgrade your current security arrangements, Lock M Out security is imperative in maximising your Caravan/Motorhome’s defences, our devices protect the vehicles vulnerable, flimsy window catches and can help deter criminals. Make sure to view our product page for more details.

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