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New Year Staycations

With a significant increase in staycations over the past 12 months, this New Year many holidayers will be seeking to visit sites and locations close to home. Fortunately the UK is home to some of the most fascinating New year destinations across Europe, ranging from spectacular displays, fun events, to beautiful winter scenery. One of the most fascinating locations is Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Each year on the 31st December locals participate in the Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony to
commemorate Hogmanay (the Scots term for New Year) this usually entails a number of street performers who gyrate large cages of burning fireballs whilst marching in front of large crowds, usually they are accompanied by Pipe Bands and street drummers who form part of the entertainment. At around midnight an enormous firework display commences ,to the extent that it can be witnessed across the entire town.

For those who love sightseeing and nature, look no further than The North York Moors, it is a popular New Year location, however it also remains tranquil and significantly quieter than some of the busier towns and cities. You can tour the miles of luscious countryside by using some of the many seasonal cycling and walking trails, as well as exploring the quaint coffee shops and pubs. Each New Year there is often a whole host of themed attractions, such as the Castle Howard, Dalby Forest and Whitby Museum. Across Northern Yorkshire you can find various picturesque cottages and small villages which can prove to be a great getaway and alternative to contemporary New year celebrations.

time lapse photography of fireworks at night

Whilst being renowned as a summer coastal holiday spot, Newquay is a prime destination for New Year celebrations. Situated on the north coast of Cornwall Newquay is famous for it’s fantastic firework display, each year huge crowds make their way down to the harbour to watch the incredible firework display that overlooks the seafront. Fundamentally a unique experience it allows people to capture the sparks lighting up the sky whilst being amongst the sea breeze. It is also home to some of the most electric bars and live music which host numerous events in anticipation of New Year, additionally you will be able to experience the town’s thriving food scene which includes esteemed continental eateries, as well as some very noteworthy fine dining restaurant.




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