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Reasons to Secure your Motorhome/Caravan

Securing your Caravans and Motorhomes is a necessity, many people fail to take sensible
precautions, or even acknowledge the severe implications this can have. It’s important to
understand the many ways in which theft can have an irrevocable impact.

Loss of property

Think about all the valuables you would often bring into your vehicle, Mobiles, Laptops,
wallets, Cameras, etc often amount to hundreds possibly thousands of pounds. It can be
deeply traumatizing to lose these goods, in addition to the cost and time, you will have to
spend replacing them. Secondly in the event that a Laptop or Smart device is stolen, your
personal data will now be in the hands of a criminal, regardless of whether your device is
password protected, as these systems can be circumvented with relative ease. Identity
thieves also target passports and credit cards, identity theft can result in loss of personal
data, as well as being a recipient of fraudulent claims, you may have to cancel your bank
cards, which will certainly disrupt or suspend your trip. Loss of a passport can also come at a
significant cost, in tandem with necessary document replacements it can cost north of £100,
if you have lost this item abroad, you will have to seek a British Embassy and may have to
wait up to a week for a replacement, this will add further disruption and concern whilst on
your holiday.

Dealing with Police

Reporting Stolen items or property in itself can prove to be a challenging task, processing a
police report and a follow-up investigation can often take weeks or even months depending
on the circumstances. Furthermore, the likelihood of retrieving these goods is very low,
Preyreports indicate that only approximately 25% of goods are recovered by Police. Stolen
Motorhomes and Caravans are also notoriously difficult to repossess. If traveling abroad you
are likely to encounter further obstacles when dealing with police, particularly due to
language barriers, as well as local officers’ attitudes towards tourists and burglary.

Upon making an Insurance claim, you are likely to find that this process can take up to
several months if you are claiming for multiple items, not to mention the extensive paperwork
that has to be filled out, which is often laborious and very disrupting. During this period there
will be a significant amount of uncertainty and anxiousness as you await compensation.
When determining compensation fees, insurance firms will typically depreciate the items
depending on age, or wear and tear, there are many cases where individuals are left
unhappy with the valuations and in some cases unable to fully reimburse their lost items.
Even if you are able to replace many of these items, sadly there are many occasions where
people have lost sentimental items, such as photos, jewelry, travel souvenirs, these are
irreplaceable and losing them can be very distressing.

Ultimately without taking basic measures to keep your vehicle protected, what should have
been a relaxing holiday or getaway, can quite quickly turn into a catastrophe, however, there
are also simple steps you can take to avoid this predicament. Many of these crimes occur
because thieves are able to take advantage of the vulnerable window catches fitted on your
Motorhome or Caravan, they can seamlessly slide an implement and gain access by
opening the window from the outside. At Lock M Out we have designed unique products
which are simple but effective devices designed to help prevent these incidents. They are
manufactured in the UK, are produced out of sturdy steel, and can help keep your vehicle
safe. With an attempted break-in, the device will jam against the window frame, preventing
entry from the outside and deterring the perpetrator. The devices are easy to install, and can
just simply slide over your existing window catches, without any tools, keys, or codes.
Make sure to check out our online shop, and view the guides for our products.

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