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Record Motorhome and Caravan Sales.

Recent figures have indicated that Motorhomes and Caravans are selling at record numbers
as drivers continue to seek trips away, making the most of being on the open road. By the
end of 2021, it is forecast  that well over 20 million people will have sought out a
staycation. The DVLA reports have shown that over the past 12 months approximately
16,000 new Motorhomes and caravans have been newly registered. There are estimates
suggesting that 9,000 of these have been purchased over the course of just the last few
months, many suppliers across Britain have responded to these changes, having to increase
output and purchase higher stock levels. A proportion of these vehicles are also being sold
privately, with a reportedly record jump in trading of second hand motorhomes.

The recent sales boom is mainly a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many preferring to
avoid travel restrictions,staying closer to home, as well as maintaining social distance.
The Caravaning industry comprises a significant aspect of the British economy, and with the
tourism sector labouring over the past 18 months this welcome news is expected to provide
a significant economical boost, whilst also benefiting holiday makers, dealerships and
manufacturers. Villages and towns across the UK have adapted to the increased demand,
establishing mini festivals, and sites in a bid to accomodate more visitors.

The pandemic is believed to have tapped into a new market of caravanners, most notably
younger demographics, a large number of whom have begun turning to campervans
as their only opportunity for an adventure after several lock-downs. This is likely
to affect the market, and the way manufacturers and dealerships target new and existing
customers. Many analysts have noted that the demographic shift, coupled with the number
of Motorhomes/Caravans that are now circulating across the country is likely to have longer
term and even permanent impacts on the market. There is also the fact that many
newcomers may begin to reduce or abandon frequent flights abroad once they have
experienced some of the advantages a staycation often brings, such as cost savings and
greater convenience.

The sharp increase in staycations and road users can unfortunately bring unintended risks,
most particularly break ins and theft’s which are expected to rise over the upcoming weeks
and months. According to Quotezone over 50% of Motorhome and Caravan owners fail to
take even the simplest of security precautions. At Lock M Out, we have designed unique
products which are simple but effective devices designed to help prevent these incidents and
discourage criminal activity. You can read more about how our devices can keep your
vehicle protected here

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