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Securing and Storing your Caravan at home.

Storing your Motorhome/Caravan at home is for many people the most practical and cost-effective method in comparison with keeping your vehicle in high-end storage facilities. 

 If your vehicle is stored on a driveway it’s essential to check whether you are entitled to do so, in a minority of circumstances there are clauses in property deeds that do not permit owners to keep motorhomes or vans on the premises. It’s also worth considering your local bylaws, to ensure there are no restrictions on the type or size of vehicle you can store. Many vehicle owners recommend notifying your council in advance to prove you have permission on the off chance that any issues arise.  

Whilst storing your vehicle at home provides many advantages, it’s important to consider the security aspect, unfortunately, a significant proportion of Motorhome and Caravan thefts occur at domestic locations, however, there are several actions you can undertake to ensure your vehicle has optimal security subsequently reducing the likelihood of theft. 

Many thieves and burglars who attempt to breach vehicles located alongside households prefer doing so in a  discrete and timely manner, they often look to target the vehicle’s vulnerable windows. Lock M Out security devices are ideal in protecting your vehicle in such conditions as well as discouraging criminals. Our devices seamlessly slide over the existing window catches, ensuring the window cannot be forced open from the outside, the locks also serve as a visual deterrent, and is likely to drastically reduce the chances of having your vehicle targeted or damaged.  

One often-overlooked facet is whether your vehicle is in clear sight of residents or by-passers, when you eventually decide to depart on a vacation, its absence may indicate to a potential thief that your home is unoccupied, if possible it is worth considering moving your vehicle to an area of your home which is less exposed.

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Optionally investing in a security light can also help enhance security, a relatively inexpensive item,  the light is triggered after detecting motion, thieves tend to be most active during the night, where the darkness can be an aid in a discreet getaway, a security light can be useful in unnerving and repelling a potential thief. Lastly, parking the vehicle away from any access points is also an important suggestion, some caravanners also block their caravan in with another vehicle, this would likely impinge on a thief’s ability to access the van. 

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