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Security Choices for your Vehicle

With the recent and quite drastic increase in Stayactions, theft related to Motorhomes
Caravans, particularly petty theft and break-ins are on the rise. The Security choices
mentioned below, can help prevent your vehicle from being accessed by criminals, as well
as being a visual deterrent.

Window Locks:

The Windows on your Motorhome or Caravan are fitted with flimy plastic catches, they are
extremely vulnerable and can be breached even by inexperienced thieves who can simply
slide an implement to open the window from the outside. With Lock M Out security devices,
in the event of an attempted break-in, the device will jam against the window frame,
preventing entry from the outside and deterring a potential perpetrator.

Sliding windows are also fitted with these vulnerable plastic latches and can easily be
overcome by burglars. Our Sliding window locks are available for Dometic and Poly Plastic.
Once fitted the devices will be able to stop the windows being slid open from the outside.
They can be fitted easily, without keys or tools.

Other Security Systems

The Aphiam Security System is ideal for those who like to travel, the treadlock is a very
simple yet effective device, the metal plate can fit under any vehicle tyre, upon driving over it
will secure anything valuable, such as a dog leash, a bike or a generator.
All of these products are available here:


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