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The inconvenience of losing your gadgets

According to the latest figures from Trackershop experts, there has been a significant rise in theft and property damage of Motorhomes and Caravans. More crimes regarding this area are set to increase, especially given the increase in demand for these vehicles paired with the relative ease they can be exploited and stolen. Mainly as a consequence of increased staycation bookings, the number of stolen/damaged Motorhomes and Caravans has surpassed the theft of luxury road vehicles for the first time in the UK. Whilst the sales of leisure vehicles has increased steadily, this increase has not correlated with the purchases of vital security devices which are necessary to keep your vehicle and your possessions safe. Many inexperienced vehicle owners fail to adopt extra security measures and are more likely to be the victims of crime. 

Thieves who are able to enter and breach Motorhomes often target your valuables and possessions, such as laptops, mobiles, and other electronic devices. High-end security devices such as trackers will not provide protection against this, as many burglars often may evade this security or simply escape with the devices, whilst most alarm systems can often be dismantled or fail to discourage even novice thieves. 

Losing expensive gadgets can be a major inconvenience, and in a number of ways have some very serious implications, most notably the cost, replacing such items can cost hundreds and in some circumstances thousands of pounds, even if you are successful in making an insurance claim, there are many instances where individuals are left unhappy with the valuations, and in some cases unable to fully reimburse their lost goods. Loss of personal information and Data risk is also a major cause of concern, if mobiles or USB’s fall into the wrong hands usernames and passwords you’ve stored insecurely, can give users access to everything from bank logins to social networks and work platforms which could then become compromised. Such items are notoriously difficult for police to retrieve, unfortunately, if stolen, your photos and personal information is likely to have been lost permanently.  

At Lock M Out, we have designed unique products which are simple but effective devices designed to help prevent these incidents and discourage criminal activity. You can read more about how our devices can keep your vehicle protected here


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