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Why not try an autumn staycation.

This summer has seen an explosion of bookings and staycations as people sought to find
the best local holidays in order to bypass the strict travel restrictions that have existed
throughout the pandemic, and although British summertime is coming to an end, that doesn’t
mean your staycations should either. Whilst autumn and early winter can be unpredictable in
terms of the weather or climate, many experts cite the variety of benefits that an off-peak
staycation can bring. Camping or Caravanning in this season may not be as popular,
however, it can be the perfect time to enjoy the countryside for a fraction of the cost.
With a sharp rise in the purchase and sale of Motorhomes and Caravans, many will be
intending on using their vehicles all year round. Travelling in the off-season can provide
tremendous experiences and unique sights. The National Arboretum in Gloucestershire is a
fantastic example, where you can take in the exceptional seasonal sights, as well as
witnessing up to 5 uniquely stunning national tree collections, in addition to the abundance of
vibrant autumn colours.

fall trees beside body of water during daytime

Autumn also provides an unmissable opportunity to visit The East Lothian Northern Lights in Scotland, the flickering waves of lights is a natural phenomenon that becomes visible at the start of October and is prevalent throughout the winter, it provides an array of remarkable views, which remains prominent throughout the evening/night sky.

 With fewer crowds, less traffic, and no school holidays, wandering through cities and sites, such as the Yorkshire dales, or parts of Devonshire and Cumbria can often be ideal, and can provide beautiful experiences you may not find during the hectic summer months. 

As always, it’s important to remember the importance of travelling with adequate security. Thieves can breach your vehicle effortlessly by opening the window from the outside with basic tools and often target any valuables or possessions you may have stored away. Our Lock M Out security devices can secure your windows, protecting you and your vehicle. You can learn more here

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